Conservation Biology - Fall 2011
BIOL / ENTM 4015

(certified as a Communication-Intensive [C-I] course; emphasis on speaking & writing)

Instructor: Dr. Kyle E. Harms
Teaching Assistants: Becky Carmichael & M
etha Klock

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Syllabus - pdf

CxC Handout (re C-I courses, etc.)
- pdf

Discussion/Recitation Section Expectations - doc

Discussion/Recitation Section Schedule - doc

Cunningham & Cunningham (2007) Environmental Science, 10th ed. - pdf
"Don't Believe Everything You See or Hear on the News"

Guidelines from the journal Conservation Biology for formatting citations - pdf

Tips for Effective Writing - ppt

Tips for Effective Oral Presentations - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 1 - What is Conservation Biology? - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 2 - Global Biodiversity: Patterns & Processes - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 3 - Threats to Biodiversity - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 4 - Conservation Values & Ethics - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 5 - Ecological Economics & Nature Conservation - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 6 - Habitat Degradation & Loss - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 7 - Habitat Fragmentation - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 8 - Overexploitation - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 9 - Species Invasions - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 10 - Climate Change - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 11 - Conservation Genetics - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 12 - Species & Landscape Approaches to Conservation - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 13 - Ecosystem Approaches to Conservation - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 14 - Protected Areas - ppt

Panel Discussion - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 15 - Restoration - ppt

Video - Planet Earth

Lecture re Chapt. 16 - Sustainable Development - ppt

Lecture re Chapt. 17 - Integration of Science & Policy - ppt


The textbook (Groom et al. [2006] Principles of Conservation Biology, 3rd ed.

The textbook's web site:

The textbook is available for purchase via

The textbook is available for rent via

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Biodiversity & Biodiversity Loss (including the 6th Mass Extinction)

Action BioScience:
An education resource of the American Institute of Biological Sciences

Amphibian Declines (PBS Nature documentary): video-full-episode/4882

ARKive - images of life on Earth:

Berkeley Web site on Understanding Evolution:

E. O. Wilson (February 2010) National Geographic Magazine:
ngm... cubic-foot
"A Cubit Foot" of Biodiversity

Encyclopedia of Life:

Olivia Judson's N. Y. Times Blog: opinionator.blogs.nytimes... olivia-judson
(Not restricted to musings on biodiversity)

Tree of Life Project:

Terborgh et al. (2008) Ecology -
"Tree Recruitment in an Empty Forest"

Climate Change
See also Global Change

"Belief in Climate Change Hinges on Worldview" -
National Public Radio report (Feb. 23, 2010):

Clark et al. (2003) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - p
"Tropical Rain Forest Tree Growth & Atmospheric Carbon Dynamics"

Climate Central:

Climate Reality Project:
A 24-hr live online video stream begins on Sept. 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Central Time

Climate Wizard:

Data ONE:
"Universal Access to Data about Life on Earth and the Environment"

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

James Balog's time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss on TED:

State-of-the-Birds 2010 Report: state-of-the-birds-2010-climate-change

"Ways To Be Wrong: Climategate, Climate Science And Who Gets a Say":

Web site designed to inform & motivate individuals to help stop global warming:

Web site to accompany An Inconvenient Truth:

"With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors":

Conservation Biology

Sodhi & Ehrlich (2010) Conservation Biology for All: ConsBioForAll
Free on-line Conservation Biology textbook

Thomas, R. A. (2002) LUCEC Misc. Pubs. - pdf
"Stressful Lives of Louisiana Environmentalists"

Conservation Genetics

Adams et al. (2011) Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B - pdf
"Genomic Sweep & Potential Genetic Rescue... in an Isolated Wolf Population"

Johnson et al. (2010) Science - pdf
"Genetic Restoration of the Florida Panther"

Vilà et al. (2003) Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B - pdf
"Rescue of a Severely Bottlenecked Wolf... Population by a Single Immigrant"

Earth Hour

Earth Hour:
The next Earth Hour will take place on March 31, 2012 at 8:30 p.m.

Earth Hour 2011: Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2012: Earth Hour 2012

Ecological / Environmental Footprint (and how to reduce it)

Breathing Earth:

Diamond, J. (2008) N. Y. Times: www.nytimes... diamond
"What's Your Consumption Factor?"

Ecological / environmental footprint:

Ecological / environmental footprint:

Home Energy Saver (an energy-audit tool for homes):

Scientific American (Sept. 2010) - "How much is left?": how-much-is-left

"The Story of Stuff" - 20-minute video on the fates of material goods:

Web site to accompany Food, Inc.:

Ecosystem Approaches to Conservation

Day et al. (2007) Science - pdf
"Restoration of the Mississippi Delta: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita"


Evolution of a line -

Understand Evolution -

Global Change
See also Climate Change

Vince (2011) Science - pdf
"An Epoch Debate"

Habitat Destruction & Degradation

Collapse of the Nazca Civilization in Peru: nazca-civilization-collapse-trees

Hardin (1968) Science -
"The Tragedy of the Commons"

Mountaintop Mining - Stephen Colbert interview (Jan. 18, 2010) with Margaret Palmer -
watch the 6-minute interview: margaret-palmer

"Should Science Take Sides in the Gulf?" - NPR interview (Aug. 20, 2010) with Chris D'Elia,
Linda Hooper Bui et al. - listen to the 20-minute interview:

Terborgh (2011) New York Review of Books - pdf
"Can Our Species Escape Destruction?"

Human Population Size / Trends Resources

Population Reference Bureau:

U.S. Census Bureau's Population Counter ("Clock"): popclock.html

Invasive Species

"Top 10 Invasive Species" (Time Magazine, Feb. 2, 2010):


"The Perils of Overfishing" - NPR interview with Daniel Pauly
Part 1 (Nov. 2, 2009):
Part 2 (Nov. 3, 2009):

Protected Areas

"To Save Wildlife, Namibia's Farmers Take Control" - NPR report:


Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council -


Clay (2011) Nature - pdf
"Freeze the footprint of food"

Laband & South (2010) Frontiers in Ecology & the Environment - pdf
"Walking the talk on sustainability"

Valuing Nature

Aldo Leopold (1949) "The Land Ethic" - pdf

Paul R. Ehrlich & E. O. Wilson (1991) Science - pdf
"Biodiversity Studies: Science and Policy"

International Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Conservation International:

Sierra Club:

The Nature Conservancy:
The Nature Conservancy via YouTube:

World Wildlife Fund:

National (USA) Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Student Conservation Association:

Local Conservation-Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana:


Louisiana Environmental Action Network:

Federal (USA) Governmental Offices Charged to Varying Degrees with Conservation-Oriented Mandates

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Stay Informed

British Broadcasting Service (BBC):

Ecolog: ecolog-l.html

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